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Stress Management Therapy – 5 techniques that can help

Stress management is a broad concept that deals with managing and controlling stress. It includes stress management therapy that is mostly research-based.

There are different types of stress management therapies which can be done individually or by a group. Group-based treatment allows you to draw support from people who are living with similar conditions.

Stress management therapy is essential because stress is a prime symptom of most mental condition. Getting into therapy is the best step towards regulating stress levels and relieving or minimising the symptoms.

Keeping up with therapy is another story. Let’s face it! Sometimes it could be challenging to convince ourselves to keep doing therapy.

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How to keep up with stress management therapy in 5 ways


Jumpstart your stress management therapy with a plan. It can help you focus better and be more aware when faced with stressors.

A daily checklist is essential to help you manage your activities. It also allows you to monitor yourself and how the stress management plan is going.

Learn to relax.

Deep breathing and muscle relaxation are important aspects of stress management therapy. It allows you to concentrate on your breathing which can also relax your mind and body.

Any relaxation strategy will help calm both your mind and body. The mindful pause is a relaxation strategy that involves holding your breath for 15 seconds before or after a stressor occurs.

Practice positive self-affirmation.

Clear your mind from negative thoughts. Do what you enjoy, such as sports, poetry reading and listening to music.

Research shows that people who engage in hobbies or activities that they like can develop high self-esteem, which lowers the stress level. There are support groups in Perth that allows you to interact with others, draw support and promote good relations.

Know your condition.

Study the nature of your condition and ways to relieve your symptoms. Learn to cope with your symptoms by facing your stressors and NOT avoiding it.

Knowing your condition also means that you are aware of situations that could trigger your stress. It will help you focus on the stress management techniques and strategies that you have learned.

Value yourself.

Valuing yourself means appreciating everything around you. Refrain from overthinking of things with no value.

Identify the things and people that are important to you. Stay away from the toxic environment as early as possible.

Why is it essential to keep up with stress management therapy?

Stress is a normal reaction to things that we regularly do. It is the main reason why stress management is crucial as it enables us to control the stress level and prevent it from arising.

Too much stress may lead to depression, anxiety and other types of mental illness!

The manifestation of stress covers various aspects such as cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural. So, how else can you effectively function in your daily life if these four areas are suffering?

Stress management therapy is essential as it gives you an assurance to recover from stress issues if followed correctly. It can greatly improve your overall health and allows you to function better in society.

Moreover, stress management therapy is essential in today’s world. Most of us are prone to stress due to the demands of our daily lives in terms of financial, social and economic aspects.

It is essential to give attention to your mental health as early as possible. There is help! Do not let yourself suffer.

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